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The Detoxx Book™ is a Doctors Guide to intelligently manage toxicity and to deal with it nutritionally. It was developed to help patients safely and efficiently remove the toxic residue that is present in their body from living in today's world. It appears that guiding patients through detoxification can be eased considerably when dietary and supplemental interventions are implemented. This book, written by doctors for doctors, will be invaluable as a text to study as it reviews, in detail, a broad coverage of the lipid scene from the double bond, eicosanoids, trans fats, dietary fats, phosphatidylserine, and the exciting subject of phosphatidylcholine. The Detoxx Book™ is a must for every doctor and every healthcare provider interested in having a safe and efficient tool to use in their effort to detoxify the body.
What will reading this book teach me?
Reading this book will give insight to a health care practitioner, about new, innovative, non-intrusive therapies that can help many of their patients.

What is the main focus/contents?
This book was written by doctors for doctors. It's main focus is to educate a health care practitioner safe & effective ways to detoxify their patients. It covers the basics of Fatty Acid metabolism for an understanding of EFAs. It describes the FACT, Visual Contrast Test, with 14 case studies that show how the test helps the HCP to determine toxicity. It also delineates the PK Protocol which has been helpful for difficult neurological diseases.

Is it only for health care practitioners?
It was written with the health care practitioner in mind & is quite technical, as it includes case studies & many research articles. The average individual would more than likely find it overwhelming.

How does it differ from the Patient Detoxx Book?
The patient Detoxx Book was written specifically for patients & basically consists of some "at home" detoxification modalities & recipes.

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